Fntastic, the creator of the game The Day Before, has announced that it will be shutting its doors due to the failure of the game, which was released on Steam only four days after the disastrous launch of the game. The sales of The Day Before on Steam were suspended only a few hours after the company made the announcement that it would be closing its doors.

“The Day Before has failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue,” the studio wrote in a statement that was uploaded on Twitter at the time. “Debts owed to our partners are being paid off with every single penny of money that we get.

Each and every one of our resources, man-hours, and efforts were put into the creation of The Day Before, which was our very first massive video game. The release of future updates that would expose the game’s full potential was something that we had a strong desire to achieve, but regrettably, we do not have the financial resources to continue the effort.

Fntastic said in the closing statement that it did not solicit any financial support from the general public in order to finance the creation of The Day Before. Furthermore, the company added that there were no presale or crowdfunding campaigns conducted prior to the release of the game.

The company said in a subsequent tweet that it has not yet earned any cash from Steam sales and will not in the future. Additionally, the studio stated that it is working with Valve to issue refunds regardless of the amount of playtime that the game has.

#thedaybefore #fntastic #mytona is what @FntasticHQ is saying. Those who want a refund should be given an answer. Mytona and I are now working with Steam to make it possible for any player who wants to seek a refund to do so, regardless of the amount of time they have spent playing the game. Fntastic has not received any money and will not get any money from sales made on The Day Before.

After a prolonged period of excitement, controversy, and profound scepticism surrounding The Day Before, which resulted in the game being briefly withdrawn from Steam due to a trademark dispute, it was ultimately released on Steam on December 7 and instantly ran into problems. Although there were significant server problems, users were also taken aback to find that the game was not nearly the zombie-infested survival massively multiplayer online game (MMO) they had anticipated.

On the contrary, it exhibited a lot of traits that are typical of an extraction shooter, one that is comparable to Escape From Tarkov but is not particularly excellent. Right away, there was a strong and rapid response. As the moderators fought to keep the uproar under control, the Steam rating plummeted to “mostly negative,” and the official Day Before Discord server was momentarily disabled.

There was a notion that updates would be arriving in order to smooth out at least some of the rougher areas, but it seems that this is no longer a possibility. As was to be expected, people on the Discord channel for The Day Before are once again joyfully airing their grievances. They are accusing Fntastic of perpetrating a fraud right from the beginning, and this time there is no mod crew to put a stop to it.

Over the short period of time that has passed since Fntastic made the announcement that the studio would be closing, the majority of The Day Before’s official Discord server has vanished. There has been a complete deletion of all text and voice channels, with the exception of the general chatroom. Additionally, the server-news channel that Fntastic used to keep players informed of the game’s progress has been completely cleaned of any messages. The whole material that was hosted on Fntastic’s YouTube account has likewise been removed. A farewell message from the Discord moderator Levitate was the last message to be posted in that channel; however, even that message has been removed at this point.

Please accept my sincere gratitude and farewell on behalf of myself and the other members of your moderating staff and volunteers. We are grateful for all of the enjoyable experiences we have had throughout our time here. We experienced both highs and lows as a group! The moderators expressed their gratitude for the good sentiments offered today. However, FN made a mistake and attempted to use us as a scapegoat. In the future, someone will create the game that we all want to play.

“A last goodbye and thank you from myself and the rest of your moderation team and volunteers,” wrote Levitate in response. “We are grateful for all of the enjoyable experiences we have had throughout our time here. We experienced both highs and lows as a group! The moderators expressed their gratitude for the good sentiments offered today. An attempt was made by [Fntastic] to use us as a scapegoat, but they failed. Perhaps one day, someone will create the game that we all want to play.

As a result of the current situation of The Day Before, there has been a significant amount of interest in refunds. A message that was posted on the subreddit dedicated to The Day Before said that Steam was accepting refund requests even from players who had gone beyond the regular two-hour gameplay restriction. According to a letter that was allegedly sent by Fntastic CEO Eduard Gotovtsev and was being disseminated on Russian social media networks such as VK and uploaded on Twitter by Simon Carless, it was said that an astounding 46 percent of the copies that were sold via Steam had been reimbursed.

The Day Before slid off of the top seller rankings on Steam almost soon after its release, according to a translated version of the notice that was shared on Reddit. The statement states that The Day Before sold 109,382 copies worldwide, including refunds.

In a statement that was released on Twitter some hours after Fntastic made the announcement that it would be closing its doors, publisher Mytona said that it is trying to obtain refunds for any owners who want to get them. Additionally, the publisher intimated that this may not be the definitive end of the game.

“As the investor of The Day Before, we would like to provide some updates on the current situation around the game,” according to Mytona. It is with deep regret that we must inform you that the game did not live up to the expectations of the vast majority of gamers. We are going to collaborate with Steam today in order to make it possible for any gamer who wants to request a refund to do so.

“We are in contact with Fntastic regarding the future of the game.”

A message to players of The Day Before, expressing regret for the current situation of the game and committing to provide refunds

It was verified by Mytona in a statement that was provided to PC Gamer that the company is “now working with Steam to make refunds to players.”

Even for a game that has travelled a course as complicated as that taken by The Day Before, this is a game that has a weird and completely unexpected ending. The Day Before servers will continue to run, according to Fntastic, which means that they will continue to be played for the time being. However, it is anyone’s guess what will happen in the future. Fntastic has been contacted for further information, and I will provide an update if I get a response to my inquiry.

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