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There are a lot of games that insist on including a monster that clearly should not have that many legs, and it is quite frustrating to me as someone who is certified as an arachnophobe. Thankfully, throughout the course of the years, a few games have begun to incorporate an arachnophobia theme into their gameplay. One example is the choice made by Webbed to reduce its spider protagonist to a purple sphere. Other examples are the sparkling spherical blobs in Grounded, the comical balled-up arachnids in Kill It with Fire, and many more.

With that being said, the manner in which Lethal Company has dealt with the censorship of these horrific creatures is perhaps my favorite effort at an arachnophobia to this yet. Instead of removing their legs and transforming them into adorable, tiny, spherical creatures, the majority of other games have chosen a little different method. Zeekers, the creator, has adopted a slightly different approach. What I mean by that is that it has completely eliminated the spiders, and in their place, it has substituted them with three-dimensional lettering that reads “spider” floating about the scene, as if it were some sort of missing model issue. It was incorporated in the game’s Patch 45, which was released on December 9 and contained a number of other remarks, such as “Rail cheese has been nearly destroyed, but the forest giant is easier to avoid.”

Even now, the word continues to travel in a manner similar to that of a spider, bouncing up and down as it maneuvers around corners and makes its way toward you. Despite this, they continue to be very lethal, unleashing enormous blows and requiring a considerable amount of damage in order to be eliminated.

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There are videos of these text tarantulas that have begun to circulate on social media, and it is true that it is a lot less frightening when it is just a bunch of Arial letters that are creeping towards you. Additionally, the word is supported by teeny-tiny legs that are protruding from the enormous red letters. What’s more, it’s kind of adorable in a strange and violent manner.

The inclusion of the arachnophobia option is very much welcomed, especially when one considers how shockingly terrible the spiders are in the game Lethal Company. As a certified baby, I always like finding ways to take horror games and give them a somewhat comical spin. This is something that I enjoy doing. Taking everything into consideration makes things a great deal simpler to play. It is possible that this is the push I need to finally give the game a go, particularly considering that my friends have not stopped talking about how amazing Lethal Company is, especially considering that it costs less than ten dollars.

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