In addition to providing everything a gamer and streamer might possibly want, the Platform 6 computer desk also gives users the option to work or play while standing.

Image courtesy of Corsair, showing the Corsair Platform 6 Sit-Stand Desk system
Who doesn’t take pleasure in a comfortable seat? The only thing you need to do is sit down in a comfortable office chair, listen to the sound of air escaping from the chair’s foamy inside, then go to your desk and begin playing video games. Unfortunately, much like so many other staples of today’s society, there is a growing body of information that suggests that our sedentary lives aren’t so healthy and that the ideal way to be at a desk is to change things up by sitting, standing, balancing on a Swedish medicine ball, and doing anything else you can think of.

Corsair has arrived. For many years, the firm has been producing high-end gear that is both external and internal to your personal computer. This includes everything from a gaming mouse and headphones to RAM and power supply units (PSUs). However, now they have their eyes set on the space surrounding your personal computer by introducing their very first computer desk, which is called the Corsair Platform.

With the touch of a button, you can switch the desk between sitting, standing, and cycling positions, for example, if you have one of those fancy under-desk cycle machines. The desk is available in both fixed-height and adjustable-height (34″ to 48″) types. It also has an LED readout display and multiple memory settings. Your desk will be raised to the perfect height in a matter of seconds with the help of the Platform 6, which is powered by two electric motors.

By using this kit, it may also be stretched to a width of six feet. You can get the Platform:6 Desk: Desk Extensions and Side Peg Boards Kit, Dark Stain, from the website With its two monitor arms, which allow you to gracefully attach your monitors (up to 32 inches each, or a single 34-inch ultrawide) for that ‘floating screen’ effect, all of the different models of the desk are able to comfortably support a multi-screen arrangement and actively encourage it. The aluminium rail system is designed to be fitted with a wide variety of accessories that are suitable for streamers. These accessories include lights, cameras, boom mics, and any other gadgets that you may have in order to improve your stream output.

The Platform 6 will keep your tabletop looking sleek and wire-free by providing a cable management tray that is discretely tucked away on the bottom of the desk. Additionally, the desk is equipped with USB ports that are ready to charge your USB type-A and type-C devices.

All of the aforementioned capabilities are included in each of the three versions of the desk; however, if you purchase the flagship Creator Edition of Platform 6, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the additional ease and luxury that the Elgato Multi Frame provides. This stunning aluminium wall rises up behind your monitor, providing you with more freedom when it comes to attaching peripherals. It also enables you to showcase your gaming controllers, keyboards, headphones, and other accessories for everyone to see. Your personal computer gaming setup will be elevated to a whole new level, giving it the appearance of a temple to gaming as you decorate it with all of your peripherals (in case you forgot, Corsair also makes them).

In addition to being available in black laminate and solid rubberwood finishes, the Platform 6 is designed to blend in with whichever area you choose to place it in, whether it be a dedicated gaming den or a stylish lounge designed in mid-century style. You are able to purchase the desk by visiting the official websites of Corsair in the United Kingdom and the United States. While you are there, you should also have a look at the other items that Corsair has to offer; after all, you are going to need accessories to fill up that Elgato Multi-Frame.

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Corsair has your back whether you are sitting, standing, or halfway in between the two positions.

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