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I want you to stop me if you’ve already heard this one. As you continue to play this Bethesda role-playing game, the game’s stability will deteriorate. Am I referring to the reference problem in Oblivion or the lag bug in Skyrim for the PlayStation 3? Specifically, our brand director, Tim Clark, is the one who is putting Bethesda’s feet to the fire with regard to the latter. It’s not that; I’m referring to Starfield, where gamers who have built up hundreds of hours of gameplay—which is not unheard of in a Bethesda role-playing game—are suffering an increasing number of crashes as they continue to play.

This information was brought to our attention by a pair of modders, one of them being wSkeever, who, amongst many other great modifications, introduced the weeping angels from Doctor Who to Skyrim. Last month, wSkeever was the one who brought this problem to the attention of the Starfield Mods subreddit. He said, “I’ve been investigating an issue that I and several other people have experienced, which is that long-running saves without ng+ would experience more and more frequent crashes while playing.”

It seems that the issue is caused by the manner in which Starfield produces dynamic form IDs. These are the codes that are assigned to each and every one of Starfield’s unique objects and locations, and Starfield utilizes them to monitor their present condition. Because of the dynamic form IDs, Starfield will remember where you left the medkit even if you drop it. It is inevitable that your saved files will get increasingly bloated and unstable as the number of them increases. You need to be cautious about where you keep loot in Skyrim since, in the normal course of events, they would be recycled after a certain length of time to prevent that from happening. In some containers, the contents that you place into them are remembered, while in others, the form IDs of whatever is contained inside them will ultimately be put back into use.

Obviously, this is a bit of a simplification, but it seems like Starfield is not reusing form IDs in the manner that it is meant to. “What will inevitably happen is that the ID generation will start to run out of numbers it can use for the IDs it needs to designate,” SpareDifficult9987 said in a post on the main Starfield subreddit. “This is something that will happen.” Your game will crash as a result of this, and the more you play, the shorter the intervals will be between crashes, which will effectively render your save file useless.

To deal with this issue at the moment, the only option available is to launch New Game+, which would reset each and every form ID. If you keep playing for a sufficient amount of time, you will eventually run into the same issue, which will require you to restart the game using the New Game+ feature.

The community manager at Bethesda responded to the complaints by stating that a stability fix for a memory leak bug will be included in a patch that will be released the following week. Additionally, the community manager stated that “the developers are investigating a separate issue relating to Dynamic Form IDs that is preventing people from successfully loading their saves and hope to have that rectified in a later update.” In addition, they are currently investigating the issue of lengthy load times on Steam, and I have provided them with a handful of community saves that they may look into.

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