US Police Clearance Retrieval for Visa: Here at Global Authentications, we provide highly professional services for collecting and authenticating U.S. police clearance certificates and FBI criminal background checks for those who have resided in the United States and want to utilise them in other countries outside of the United States.

It is possible to demonstrate that a person does not have a criminal history by obtaining a police clearance certificate. This certificate may be used for a number of objectives, such as obtaining permanent residency, employment, or studying abroad.

Legalisation via the Embassy or an Apostille

We provide assistance to individuals, recruitment agencies, law firms, corporations, and document authentication agencies in the United States and around the world in order to obtain the FBI or police report with an apostille or embassy legalisation that is required in order to obtain a visa in a foreign country (such as Spain, Panama, China, Kuwait, Brazil, and so on). Apostille or authentication must be performed at the Secretary of State’s office in the location where the report was issued in order for state and local police clearances to be valid for use in other countries.

There are two ways that this document may be apostilled for an FBI police report: either as an original (hard copy) or as a printed PDF file that has been received from the FBI or one of the channelers. We are able to print out your PDF file using a printing paper that is secure for the FBI. Upon completion of the document, we will transport it to any location on the globe for an extra cost, regardless of the destination.

Examples of background checks conducted in the United States:

Prerequisite Documents, Time Required for Processing, and Costs

The kind of police clearance, the police department from which it is to be retrieved, and the nation in which it will be used all have a role in determining the papers that are required, the turnaround time, and the expenses that are associated with applying for it. If you could please send us an email with a detailed description of your requirements, we will be able to offer you detailed instructions as well as estimations of the total costs and the completion time. When the procedure is finished, we will be able to mail the document to the location that you indicate, but there will be an extra charge for this service.

Instructions for the Processing

Make sure that your name and contact details are included in the papers that you provide. Please send all of your papers to the address shown below, which is the authentication team for our team.

Obtain a retrieval of your United States police clearance for your visa from the International TESOL TEFL Academy. Our TESOL TEFL school is authorised, and we provide all of the services that are pertinent, such as background checks, notary services, apostille services, and document authentication services.

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