A less hazy release date has been established for Lightyear Frontier, and it will be available for early access.

We are going to have it at some point in the future, which is around two and a half years after I first saw the notion and thought, “That might be interesting.” At long last, we are going to receive a game in which you will use a mech to cultivate a field, plant some seeds, water them, and eventually harvest a large, strange fruit that comes from another world.

The answer is yes: videogames.

In the wake of a new video that was released earlier this week, the makers of Lightyear Frontier, Frame Break, have revealed that the game will be made available for early access in the month of March 2024. This game, which was first hinted at quite some time ago, is about homesteading on an alien planet with mechs and up to four players working together to accomplish this goal. It is quite exciting because, to tell you the truth, that is a highly entertaining concept.

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In the latest video, the highly geared-up farmers of the frontier are shown stomping about in their mechs, throwing gifts to birds, and doing other duties related to farming and agricultural games in the same manner that you would expect them to. A mech is shown cutting down a tree with a buzzsaw; another is seen stomping about ploughing a field; and a third is seen whacking rocks with a pickaxe that is hilariously huge. There are several mechs that are moving about in an agricultural garden. One of them is using a massive hose to blast the crops, while another is harvesting the crops with some type of massive suction gun.

One of the recurring ideas that appears throughout the video is that there are adorable, tiny alien birds flying about on this planet. I really hope that I will be able to get an alien bird as a pet of my own. Or, at the very least, provide the extraterrestrial birds with some nibbles.

In the midst of all of this, I find myself thinking to myself, “Wow, if I had a giant gardening machine, my garden would be a considerable amount larger.”

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In addition to being available on Steam, Lightyear Frontier may be found on its own website.

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