Apostille Requirements: The process of apostilling or legalising a document in the United States differs depending on whether the document is a federal, state, business, commercial, educational, or vital document (such as birth certificates or marriage certificates), among other types of documents.

Authentication Service for Apostilles | Documents That Need to Be Apostilled

An apostille is a document that authenticates the seals and signatures of public officials on public papers such as birth certificates, notarial documents, or any other document issued by a public body. This allows the documents to be recognised in other nations that are parties to the Hague Convention. There are a number of competent authorities that have been appointed to grant apostilles in the United States. The authority that is able to provide an Apostille for a certain document is determined by the origin of the document that is being scrutinised.

Apostille or Certificate of Authentication issued by the Secretary of State [Authentication]

State papers, such as notarizations or vital records, are authenticated by specified state competent authorities, who are often the Secretary of State of the state that corresponds to the origin state. Apostille is a service that is required to be performed in Washington, District of Columbia, by the United States Department of State (Foreign Affairs). In addition to that, all other kinds of papers are required to be apostilled in the state that produces them. This link will take you to a list of nations that have ratified the Hague Convention on the Apostilles.

The process of legalisation or attesting (for countries that are not participants in the Hague Convention)

There are at least four procedures that must be taken in order to legalise documents in nations that do not engage in the programme that is offered by the Hague Convention. The document must first be notarized, and then the Secretary of State must certify that it is in compliance with the law. The third step is for the United States Department of State to authenticate it, and the fourth step is for the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign nation to which it will be submitted to become authorised to issue the document. In every state in the United States, Roca Authentications LLC offers comprehensive services. Nations such as Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, and others are examples of these nations.

Verification of the Authorization of School Credentials

At the majority of consulates, special attention is required for the authentication of credentials that are intended for use in other countries and come from colleges, universities, or other post-secondary institutions. Submit a request to us via email, and we will provide you with the instructions necessary to have your credentials apostilled, often known as legalised.

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