Requirements Must Be Met in Order to Apply for a Teaching Position

If you are interested in teaching in a professional setting while also seeing a culture that is one of a kind, Japan is an excellent destination to visit. We will discuss how to apply for a job in Japan, as well as the wage in Japan, in the video that we have for you today. Promotions for teachers Is there a charge for the accommodations? If you want to apply for a teaching position and a work visa, what kinds of documentation are required? In order to apply for a job, both online and offline, what are the requirements?

So, let’s get started.

In the event that you are interested in applying for a job teaching English online, you will be required to prepare the following things:

  • an introduction video;
  • a resume or curriculum vitae;
  • a TESOL or TEFL certificate that demonstrates that you have completed at least 120 hours of training to become a competent English teacher.

Online occupations are mostly evaluated based on the number of hours they are required to educate.

You will need this in order to submit your application for a teaching position that is offered online. Please forgive us if there is something that we have overlooked.

The majority of instructors from English-speaking nations, and even those from countries where English is not the mother tongue, choose to work offline in Japan to teach for a variety of reasons.

These are some of them, in order:

  • Both public and private educational institutions have access to high-quality classrooms and other learning spaces.
  • In addition to a salary and incentives, free lodging and transportation are also provided.
  • A large number of people from other countries visit coastal regions and tourism spots.
    There is a low cost of living.

Additionally, if you are coming to Japan during the COVID-19 outbreak, you are required to adhere to the 10-to-14-day quarantine regulation, which, of course, does not come at no cost to you financially. The cost of quarantine is determined by the city in which the quarantine is being carried out.

Now we will discuss the pay that is offered in Japan. The majority of the time, it falls somewhere in the range of $2100 to $2700 USD, depending on your working schedule as well.

Following that, let’s discuss the prerequisites. The papers that are required for the majority of programmes are as follows, although this can vary depending on the institution that you are intending to work with:

  • You must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English as your major; however, it is acceptable if you hold degrees in other fields.
  • A background check and a record that is not criminal
  • A TEFL or TESOL 120-hour certificate as evidence that you are competent to instruct English teachers and that you have a high level of proficiency in the English language.

Additionally, should you be interested in enrolling in this TESOL or TEFL 120-Hour course, you are encouraged to choose ITTA, which has been authorised and approved by the International Accrediting Organisation.

You are appreciated for watching. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below if there are any significant aspects that we have overlooked.

Numerous instructors who have graduated from ITTA’s school have been able to find employment in a variety of countries, including Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, and many more. We would appreciate it if you could let us know and email us your contact information over WhatsApp if you are interested in working as an English teacher in Japan, either online or offline.

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