In 2022, what exactly is a TESOL?

The options that are available in TESOL are almost endless, and a new year brings with it new possibilities. But where should you go to get your TEFL certification in 2022?

Despite the fact that we are presently in the midst of the pandemic, we are holding out hope that the year 2022 will bring us a more favorable atmosphere for TEFL instructors who are interested in working abroad.

Throughout the year 2021, educators have been plagued with a wide range of difficulties.

Included in this are the ever-evolving instructions of the government, restrictions on travel, delays in visa processing, and the general danger posed by the virus.

In spite of this, graduates of ITTA have been successful in finding employment in a variety of countries.

the likes of Graham in Spain and Jessica in Thailand, for example.

If you have the travel bug and your feet are itching as a consequence of it, now is the time to cure them.

Have you been dying to get your feet wet because you have the travel bug?

The moment has come to begin considering the possibility of attending a TEFL course. If you get your TEFL certification, you will be prepared to submit an application for the job of your dreams. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best five places to study TEFL in 2022.

On the internet:

There are two primary reasons why we have placed the internet at the very top of our list of priorities.

In the first place, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and a new strain of the COVID virus is rapidly traveling around the globe.

The future holds a great deal of unpredictability.

People who want to work from home, whether it be full-time or part-time, have a terrific option available to them in the form of online teaching.

Second, throughout the course of the last year, we have seen a rise in the number of countries that have issued digital nomad passports. This trend is expected to continue since Spain just announced that they would be creating their own passports.

It is not necessary to remain in the comfort of one’s own home in order to teach English online; one may do so while traveling the globe, just as David, who graduated from ITTA, did.

South Korea with:

For a long time, South Korea has been a favorite location for both newly certified TEFL instructors and experienced teachers of the language.

With appealing salaries and benefits, such as compensation for travel and housing, as well as a sufficient supply of employment, it is easy to see why people are interested in working in this field.

There are also a number of professional opportunities available inside the nation, ranging from the EPIK program, which is operated by the government, to the tens of thousands of hagwons, as well as opportunities for teaching in institutions and businesses for instructors with more expertise.

In Mexico:

Mexico is a busy part of the world in which to live and work, and it offers a wide variety of job options for instructors of English and speakers of other languages. Even though there is a significant need for business English, there are jobs available in Mexico that include working with a wide variety of students. The cost of living is quite low, despite the fact that incomes are not very high (as is the case across Latin America).

It is reasonable to assume that you will be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle on a teacher’s wage while still having the funds to enjoy all that this beautiful nation has to offer!

In Mexico, teaching English does not require a degree, as it does in many other Latin American nations; here you may find more information about places where you can teach English to speakers of other languages without a degree.


We would be neglectful if we did not include China on our list since China is a TEFL powerhouse and has the biggest TEFL market in the world (in terms of market size).

Because there are more than 400 million people in the nation who are learning English, there is a significant need for instructors of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

As a result of the high demand, even students who have just completed their training have the opportunity to get a career that offers a fair salary, in addition to housing and other benefits.

Given the geographical context,

cuisine, as well as culture

In addition to having a large number of national holidays, China is a country that is quite diverse.

The time off that TEFL instructors have is often spent traveling and taking advantage of all that this wonderful nation has to offer.

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