TEFL instructors all across the globe are being encouraged to find employment.

Educators from all around the world are being encouraged to look for positions in the classroom, both online and offline, using our resources. A significant number of our instructors are perplexed and unaware of the paperwork that is needed to submit an application for a work visa after they have obtained TEFL positions. That being said, we are here to assist you with any and all information that you desire.

Permission to Work in China

You are interested in teaching English in China, but you are not familiar with the process. Absolutely no need to worry; we have your back! Obtaining a work visa is the first step you need to take if you want to teach English in China. Another question that has to be answered is, “What kind of work visa do you have?” When it comes to becoming an English teacher in China, the Z visa is the most prevalent option. To be able to legally work, you need to have this visa. If you have a work offer, then you are eligible to apply for a Z visa.

Can you tell me how to acquire a Z work visa in China?

We will now go over the paperwork that is necessary in order to submit an application for a teaching Z visa in China.

Put together the necessary documents.

Before submitting an application for a job, you are required to have all of the necessary documentation in your possession. For your convenience, we have compiled a list that you may use.

A passport that is valid for at least six months and has two blank pages is required.
A photograph of passport size with a backdrop of either white or blue.
It is highly recommended that you possess a university diploma or transcripts from a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level of education. The Chinese Embassy is required to verify the authenticity of these.
Background checks conducted by the local police and, on occasion, clarification from higher authorities for certain occupations verified by the Chinese Embassy have been required.
Obtaining a TESOL 120-Hour or TEFL 120-Hour Certificate is often necessary in order to work as an English instructor in colleges and universities in China. Assuming that you do not possess these credentials, You are able to get one by selecting ITTA in order to obtain your free TEFL or TESOL 120-Hour Certificate.
Extra copies of your resume that you may utilize in the event of an unexpected emergency.
scanned copy of a contract that has been signed by the organization for which you are currently working.
A current picture and one application form for a visa are required.
A health certificate coming from a hospital that is authorized.

When compared to TEFL or TESOL certificates, what are some alternatives?

It is possible to substitute a TEFL or TESOL certificate with a reference letter or two years of work experience that is relevant to the field of communication and language learning.

Pay attention to the fact that the experience letter has to include the signature of the business leader and should describe the precise working hours, position, and duties that are associated with that particular organization. In the event that the organization has a stamp, the stamp needs to be replicated on the reference letter.

It is possible for ITTA to assist you in promoting your talents if you are searching for work anywhere on the globe. We are appreciative of your visit to our website.

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