When it comes to speed, it is sometimes all about perspective. Sometimes it is all about speed.

A surprise debut of The Finals, an extremely destructive first-person shooter developed by former Battlefield developers, took place last night at The Game Awards. Although the first-person shooter had just recently concluded a very successful open beta that had drawn hundreds of thousands of players, many people, including myself, were curious about whether or not Embark Studios still intended to release the game before the year 2023 officially came to a close. Now it’s here, and launch day is going well. The Finals is one of the most played games on Steam right now, with over 200,000 concurrent players on PC alone. Launch day is going well.

However, there is one point of contention: a significant number of individuals are dissatisfied with the fact that Embark slowed down player mobility between open beta and launch. With nearly 3,000 unfavourable reviews, The Finals is now categorised as “mixed” on Steam. A significant number of these evaluations are regarding movement, which indicates that the backlash is sufficiently strong.

“Y’all remember how buttery and smooth the movement felt in the beta?” ThatTimberWolf, a user on Steam, has provided a review that has received a lot of votes. They slow down the movement speed of ALL classes by a significant amount, and they also added delays to several of the animations.” Yeah, they did that. From this point on, everything seems to be moving at a snail’s pace, even while playing the Light class.

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One more unfavourable review says, “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revert the movement changes. <3,” or “please, please, please.”

“Revert the speed, you cowards,” reads another.

Embark, on the other hand, claims that it has not altered player speeds in any way since the open beta, and it is not quite clear why people believe that it has. However, they do have a few quite accurate suggestions.

“We have been looking into your comments regarding the way the transition from open beta to now feels,” the statement said. “It has been difficult to pinpoint because there was no change in the movement system or the movement speed between the two tests,” commented Dusty Gustafsson, the community lead for Embark, on the Discord channel for The Finals.

It has come to our attention that there are a few factors that might be influencing the way in which each individual experiences gaming. Over the course of the last month, we have made several minor tweaks to animations, noises, and settings that, when taken together, may be creating the impression of slower movement, particularly in light and medium archetypes.

It was also determined by Gustafsson that there was a certain environment that may be the source of the illusion of slower movement. “Settings were reset as well, so FOV is defaulted to 71.” Gustafsson advises that “for your part, changing your FOV can be really helpful.” Embark is now working on rebalancing some of the animation modifications that have been suggested.

In my opinion, this circumstance is extremely intriguing. One’s point of view (FOV) may have a significant influence on how quickly a first-person game is considered to be played. When you increase the field of view (FOV) to its maximum setting in a frame per second (FPS), your peripheral vision is expanded, which results in a fish-eye effect that gives the impression that items on the edges of the screen are moving more quickly. On the other hand, when we have a smaller field of view (FOV), we experience the world around us more slowly because we can see less of it at any one time.

Then, let’s look at what Embark has done. In each of these videos, the field of view (FOV) is set to the default value of 71, and the move speed of a Light class build from open beta is compared to the final release.

It seems to be the same to me. Although it’s possible that I’m overlooking some of the animation modifications that Embark mentioned, I don’t believe that this is the cause of the problem. The following is an illustration of the difference between the 71 field of view and the 100 field of view in the most recent edition of The Finals.

It is both darkness and day. People who play first-person shooters have a tendency to raise their default field of view (FOV) because it improves their peripheral vision. However, an advantage that is less often discussed is that many shooters just feel much better when we believe that we are moving quicker. It is possible for our brains to sense a difference in pace without even being aware that it is a question of perspective, as shown by our responses to The Finals movie.

However, there is a cost associated with having a wider field of view. As a shooter, you will be able to see more on your sides, but everything that is immediately in front of you will be somewhat reduced in size. This might make it more difficult to follow targets that are farther away. It is for this reason that esports professionals will often recommend that you reduce your field of view (FOV) as much as possible in order to improve your accuracy, or even play with a reduced aspect ratio. We do not propose any of those things; rather, you should experiment with the field of view slider in The Finals in order to discover the level of visibility that is most accommodating to your preferences. With a field of view that ranges from 85 to 90 degrees, I’m definitely going to settle right in the centre for a game like The Finals, which has long-range firefights and a lot of verticality.

After coming to the realisation that this specific reaction is most likely the result of a significant misunderstanding, a number of Steam players are attempting to repair the harm that has been done to The Finals’ review average by providing positive reviews that contain a word of wisdom.

“Despite the’mixed’ reviews, the game is flawless,” the author writes. One of the rebuttals from user ඞ states that the majority of unfavourable reviews are posted by those who are not aware of how to modify their settings inside the game.

“Positively put the point of view to one hundred,” remarked user Silver Bullet.

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