In the majority of nations, people are required to get their degree legalised by their embassy in order to be eligible for a work visa. Furthermore, every embassy has its own method for verifying and authenticating the legitimacy of the diploma, transcripts, or any other academic document that may be presented to them. For the purpose of having your credentials apostilled or legalised, please send us an email request that includes the nation and the reason for the request. We will then provide you with the applicable guidelines.

Earning a degree from an online university

There are certain embassies that recognise online degrees for verification reasons, but there are others that do not. We would appreciate it if you could just drop us an email if you have encountered any difficulty validating this kind of degree. We may be able to resolve this issue using a different approach.

Second, the procedure for degree authentication

Please make sure that you have a copy of the credentials that have the official seal of the institution. Make a request for it to be used in a foreign country, and then have the university registrar notarize the document using the public notary of the school or institution.
Documents that have been notarized for academic purposes are required to be apostilled or certified by the secretary of the state in which the institution is situated.

The paper has been authorised by the consulate of the foreign country.

It is essential! Because we are experts in authentication, we are in a position to provide you with a solution to handle your degree legalisation requirements. This is something that we are able to achieve regardless of where you finished your education or earned your degree. In light of our extensive expertise and the fact that we have successfully legalised hundreds of academic credentials for clients all around the globe, we have devised several methods that may assist in accelerating the process. Send us an email and convey your requirements to us. In a moment, we will have the answer.

Work Visa Documents:

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