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This is the key art for Knights of the Old Republic, which was created by LucasArts.
Some of the most influential people in the video game business have lately taken up the same hobby: When asked about the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reboot, which was shown off during a PlayStation presentation all the way back in September 2021, the company declined to comment on the matter. Since problems began to arise with the original creator of the remake, Aspyr, it would seem that no one at any of the companies that are reportedly involved, including Sony, Disney, and Embracer Group, is interested in discussing the matter.

At the beginning of this year, Sony began removing content related to the KOTOR remake from its various social media sites. The CEO of Embracer, Lars Wingefors, told reporters that he would not comment on the game because “anything I say to this becomes a headline” (which we then made into a headline), and now the president of Disney’s gaming division is saying things that are quite similar to what he said. However, hold on, do I sense a glimmer of optimism at that very moment?

I asked Sean Shoptaw, the head of gaming at Disney, about the current status of the KOTOR remake during a conversation with Stephen Totilo of Axios. He responded by saying that there is “not a lot I can say on that point for some hopefully obvious reasons.” However, he went on to say that KOTOR is “obviously an incredibly popular game, one that we are incredibly proud of and think that there is still a lot of demand for.” This is where I’ll leave it.”

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Let us not be mistaken at this point. Despite the fact that this is relatively normal corporate jargon that does not provide any conclusive conclusions about whether or not the KOTOR remake will ever see the light of day, the fact that Shoptaw is prepared to accept that there is “a lot of demand” for it makes me believe that it is not fully dead yet. When compared to Wingefors’ complete and total unwillingness to comment on the remake in any capacity at all, this is at least more than that.

Moreover, it would make some sense. Recently, videogame newshound Jason Schreier was out and about informing folks that, according to his sources, the game is still being developed at Sabre Interactive, which is the parent company of Aspyr.

So it’s possible that Disney is still interested in doing something with the Star Wars franchise, even if it’s difficult to say exactly what that may be at this point in time. In light of the fact that the game was reportedly taken away from Aspyr, that Embracer is currently experiencing a financial crisis, and that Sony appears to be burying any mention of its own involvement, I find it difficult to believe that the project, or what is left of it, is even remotely as expansive in terms of its scope as it was in 2021.

To tell you the truth? Ideal for me. People will tell you that KOTOR is a game that seems antiquated in this day and age, and they are probably correct about that. However, I have been playing it lately, and I still believe that it is a fantastic game. Beamdog’s proposed “Reforged Collection” remasters of KOTOR 1 and 2 have always piqued my interest, and I’ve always been interested in what they might look like. I have a feeling that if the KOTOR remake project does ultimately produce anything that we are able to play, it will probably be more close to that remaster idea than it will be to the initial concept of a contemporary recreation that is all singing and dancing.

Or maybe it will pass away without any noise. As more time passes, we will learn more, but I really hope that we will be able to obtain some type of KOTOR thing out of all of this. The reason I want to put “Somehow, KOTOR returned” in a future headline is not just because KOTOR is fantastic, but also because I want to write it there.

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